The Wöhlermann, Lorenz und Partner law firm has a number of offices operating throughout Germany. It was formed in Torgau in 1993 by the lawyer Klaus-Peter Wöhlermann with the aim of being a modern service provider offering integrated legal services to clients that are principally in the SME sector. The firm soon saw rapid expansion, opening offices in Leipzig, Magdeburg, Herzberg and Jessen. The office in the German capital was opened in Berlin-Mitte in 1998 and the first office abroad was set up in the Polish city of Poznan in 2000. A partnership with a Spanish law firm commenced in 2002.


The Wöhlermann, Lorenz und Partner law firm aims to offer its clients, who are mainly located in the region of central Germany, an alternative to large firms of lawyers while also providing them with all the advantages of the wide range of competence of a big firm. The broad geographical distribution of the individual offices ensures it is always possible for us to represent clients in court and at public authorities in person as well as in negotiations with the opposing party.


A total of 18 lawyers working in individual fields of law and specialist lawyers backed up by a large team of other legal experts and assistants are at your disposal in Germany. We combine our many years of experience with continuous expansion of our legal and business expertise. Together we work out individual solutions for our clients without ever losing sight of what matters most, namely the client’s success.


Thanks to flat hierarchies and an open style of communication, clients are quickly put in contact with a lawyer who, apart from examining the matter in question from the legal point of view, above all acts as a personal adviser to his client.

Our standing

Wöhlermann, Lorenz und Partner has been based in the region for many years and has a good reputation with courts and public authorities. From the beginning, our clients have numbered both corporate clients as well as private individuals not requiring a standard answer but a customised solution that meets the needs of their specific individual situation.


Thanks to a partnership with the Spiewakowski & Wspolnica KG law firm, which is the legal successor of the Wöhlermann, Lorenz und Partner law firm founded in the Polish city of Posen in 2000 as well as association with the lawyers Soler, von Hohenlohe, Pedro with offices on Mallorca and in Barcelona, carrying out work for clients involving Polish and Spanish jurisdictions presents no problems.