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Leipzig, Torgau
Rechtsanwaltskammer Dresden
Glacisstraße 6
01099 Dresden

Rechtsanwaltskammer Brandenburg
Grillendamm 2
14776 Brandenburg

The applicable professional rules and regulations are the Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung (BRAO – Rules and Regulations for the German Bar), the Berufsordnung für Rechtsanwälte (BORA – Professional Code for Lawyers), the Fachanwaltsordnungen (FAO – Codes for Specialist Lawyers), the Bundesrechtsanwaltsgebührenordnung (BRAGO – German Code of Lawyers’ Fees) and the Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG German Act on the Remuneration of Lawyers). The rules and regulations can be inspected at the Federal Chamber of Lawyers at

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Allianz Versicherungs-AG
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